Putting Wembley on the map

Wembley is in North West London. Strategically located close to arterial roads, it is also well served by rail, underground and bus services. Parking in the area is limited and must be pre-booked. Combine this with the inevitable gridlock which occurs when there's an event on and you'll probably find that any method of travel is preferable to going by car.

Do be aware that Wembley is several rather un-scenic miles from the West End, and only the most dedicated walker should contemplate the journey on foot: take the bus, train or tube instead. You could also bike to Wembley - there's cycle parking near the main entrance, although it's quite limited so arriving early is advisable.

The map shows the location of Wembley relative to the West End of London. It is easy to reach from the M1, M40 (A40), M4 and M3, and is well signposted from the A406 North Circular road.

If arriving by rail, take whichever option is most suitable depending on your arrival station.